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Our PartyBooth is NOT your grandma’s photo booth, we’ve stripped away the old-fashioned curtains, thrown caution to the wind, and brought you something packed so full of amazing technology that it could only be considered one part photo booth and one part robot photographer! Of course this sexy little PartyBooth isn’t just fun to look at, it’s fun to play with too… unique backdrops, ridiculously fun props, and studio quality light mean your friends and family will be amazed by your good taste and envious they didn’t have the PartyBooth at their event too! If you’re looking for a photo booth to rent for your wedding or event keep reading to find out why this is the only photo booth you should consider renting for your event!

What makes us different makes us better! Old school photo booths are cramped and tiny so we threw away the walls to give you more room to have fun! More space = more people and more people = more fun!! Of course we didn’t just stop there, when we got rid of those shabby black curtains which means you can use ANYTHING YOU WANT for a backdrop… we have some fun options we can bring or you can suggest your own! We’ve used everything  from an old barn walls and brick warehouses to fabric streamers and just about everything in between. Finally when it comes to photo booths there’s nothing more important than the photo itself. While most traditional photo booths rely on consumer quality lenses and underpowered lighting we use professional lenses and studio quality lighting to capture incredible high resolution images that are as beautiful as they are funny!

Want prints on site, no problem we can do that! Want to go the Eco-freindly route and let your friends and family download the high-rez digital files quickly… no problem we can do that too! You can also create your own personal one of a kind backdrop or just use one of ours!

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